The AAT will be launching the updated qualifications referred to as AQ2016 on 1st September 2016 when they will switch from the current syllabus, AQ2013 launched in 2013. They review and update their Accounting Qualifications on a regular basis to ensure they remain industry relevant and compliant with educational standards.

What are the main changes?

    • The new syllabus will introduce a synoptic exam at each level, in addition to Computer Based Tests. This is to demonstrate the skills and knowledge across everything that has been learnt so far, rather than just one unit at a time
    • Each AAT Level will now be graded; either Pass, Merit or Distinction. A Pass is 70-79%, Merit is 80-89% and Distinction is 90-100%
    • The new syllabus will limit the number of resits that can be taken a year during Level 2 and Level 3 of study. You may attempt your exam twice within 12 months of starting your course
    • The names of the AAT Levels and papers have changed. Introductory Certificate in Accounting will become Foundation Certificate in Accounting, Level 3 Intermediate Diploma in Accounting becomes Advanced Diploma in Accounting and Level 4 Advanced Diploma becomes Professional Diploma in Accounting

What does this mean for current students?

  • You can continue and complete your studies on AQ2013 qualifications

If you have registered before 31 August you will have the choice of completing your studies under the old or new syllabus. If you choose to remain on AQ2013 you’ll need to complete your qualification by 31 December 2017. If you’re unable to do this, you’ll have to transfer onto the AQ2016 qualification, sit the synoptic level assessment and any unit assessments that don’t directly transfer. Also, if your membership lapses, when you renew it (if it is after 1 September 2016) you will automatically be on AQ2016 – there will not be the option to complete under AQ2013.

  • You can transfer on to AQ2016 qualifications from1 September 2016

The majority of the units and assessments on AQ2013 will automatically transfer over to AQ2016, however, there are some exceptions. The AAT have an online recommendation tool to help you determine the most appropriate way for you to complete your qualification at aat.org.uk/2016update.

What does this mean for new students?

You don’t need to wait until AQ2016 starts on 1st September. We recommend starting your first qualification (level) on AQ2013 as you will have until 31st December 2017 to complete the level. Alternatively you can transfer from AQ2013 to AQ16 after 1st September 2016. If you think you may possibly decide to transfer over to AQ2016 we recommend that you chose those units which automatically transfer over to AQ2016 from AQ2013.

There really isn't anything to worry about with these changes and our main aim is to ensure our Students feel supported throughout the changes. If you do have any questions about how the syllabus will impact you, please give us a call or email us atstudent.services@homelearningcollege.com.